Health and Safety Compliance Audits

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Our experienced and knowledgeable Health and Safety Auditors work closely with you and your employees to help review and assess your workplace and will provide clear direction on how to improve your processes and help get your company legally compliant or meet health and safety management system requirements.

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Our Health & Safety Compliance Audit Services Include:

  • Ontario Health and Safety Legislative Compliance Audits
  • Federal Legislative Compliance Audits (Canada Labour Code Part II)
  • Health and Safety Management System Audits

Occupational Health and Safety Certificate Training Ontario

Occupational Health Audit & Safety Management Systems Audits

Benefits of Conducting a Health and Safety Compliance Audit

Establish Baseline

Establish a current baseline of your existing Health and Safety Program

What Are You Missing?

Identifies potential gaps in your current Health and Safety Program

Lower Premiums

Help lower your WSIB Premiums by adhering to a strong safety plan and reducing potential injuries

Third Party Assessment

Independent review and assessment of your current company’s Health and Safety Program

Proof of Excellence

Ensure good standing with the Ontario Ministry of Labour and provide proof of Due Diligence


Part of your company’s Continuous Improvement System

Preemptive Measures

Help your company prepare for a potential Ministry of Labour Health Safety Inspector enforcement visit

Be Proactive

Address any non-compliance legislative requirements proactively and not as a result of a Ministry of Labour Health and Safety Inspector compliance order

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