Sexual Harassment Training Supervisors, online training



This online sexual harassment for supervisor’s course has been developed by leading industry experts and uses a fictitious company to realistically demonstrate various unacceptable behaviors in the workplace.

This online course can save regular classroom employee training time costs and possible legal costs by helping to prevent an employment related charge. Preventing this behavior in the workplace is the best way to reduce or eliminate complaints about possible misconduct, including harassment and retaliation. This program fully complies with CA AB1825 regulations.

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Sexual Harassment Training Supervisors 


  • Supervisor responsibilities and liabilities in the workplace
  • Legal requirements and penalties
  • Definitions of hostile environment and sexual harassment
  • Policies and procedures
  • Examples of verbal, visual, and physical harassment
  • Employee complaint procedures
  • Confidentiality requirements


2 hours (approx.)


Reviews and knowledge testing are conducted throughout this sexual harassment training supervisors online program. Questions are designed to reinforce the information that was presented and must be completed by each participant to move through the program. A mark of 100% must be attained to receive a certificate of completion. Each participant will be allowed to repeat the course two additional times if the course pass mark has not been met on the first attempt.


Participants who successfully pass the Sexual Harassment for Supervisors course will be directed to print out their certificate of completion.


This course provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and strategies they need to identify potentially dangerous situations, resolve or properly respond to them. Everyone should be able to work in a safe and healthy workplace. Through the Ontario Ministry of Labour, the Occupational Health and Safety Act sets out roles and responsibilities of workplace parties with respect to workplace violence,  workplace harassment and sexual harassment, including developing and implementing policies and programs and providing information and instruction on these.


All employers are required to make all reasonable efforts to to make sure no employee is a victim of sexual harassment. After consultation with employees, the employer must issue a policy on sexual harassment. This policy must contain at least the following items:

  • definition of sexual harassment that is primarily the same as the one in the Labour Code.
  • statement that every employee is entitled to work in a sexual harassment-free workplace.
  • statement that the employer will make every effort possible to ensure that no employee is subjected to sexual harassment.
  • statement that the employer will take disciplinary measures against anyone under their employ or direction who subjects any employee to sexual harassment.
  • statement outlining how sexual harassment complaints will be brought to the attention of the employer.
  • statement that the employer will keep confidential and not disclose the name of the complainant or the circumstances related to the complaint, to anyone unless necessary for the investigative purposes or conducting disciplinary measures in regards to the complaint.
  • statement informing all employees of their right to make a complaint under the Canadian Human Rights Act .

Please see the Government of Canada website for more information.

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