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January 21st, 2015 @ 8:00AM

Fork Lift Truck / LiftTruck Safety Training Certification in Ontario

Are you considering a career as a Fork Lift Truck Operator or looking for a Safety Training Provider?

  1. Choose your Safety Training Provider Wisely , take the time out and visit your training provider and ask questions.
  2. Visit the training provider's facility ask to see the equipment, review program choices, do they meet your needs?  Did you know Safety First Training has a Certified Safety Director available to answer your questions or ask for your free workplace evaluation.  
  3. Now compare apples with apples, consider training facility, fork lift truck training program, small classes, cost efficient.
  4. Safety First Training offers employers free job openings, participants review job opening.

Get Trained Get A job!

Safety first Training offers various Fork Lift Trucks Operator Safety Training ProgramsFull or Recertification Fork Lift Truck Safety Training Programs designed to meet your needs.     Employers - Participants enjoy cost effective safety training.

Employers can post their job opening free, call our office 905 672 3600  office hours 8:00 AM-4:00PM. 

Safety First Training participants they can review the job posting at our office and on the wed  any time and it is free .   

Our Training Center offers a real warehouse  environment Multi level High Lift Racks, narrow aisle, blind intersections and more.  Learn about the safe operation of an Electric , Propane Dual powered Fork Lift Trucks as per your program requirements. 

Our Training Objective for Corporate and or Participants:

SFT  Full Fork Lift Truck Operator Training and or the  Fork Lift Truck Operator  Re Certification Evaluation:  All OPERATORS must successfully complete the "Operator 's  Full or Recertification Training Program" Demonstrate the safe & efficient safe operation of the fork lift truck. Each operator of an industrial fork lift truck will be evaluated in the safe and efficient use of the fork lift truck, Propane Cylinder Exchange, Safe Battery Charging and Handling.


Safety Training can be conducted at your Workplace allows for an evaluation under the conditions operators will be required to operate their industrial fork lift truck site specific as per your company's needs. Or fork lift truck safety training, full or recertification may be completed at your place of work or at Safety First Training Center locate in Mississauga Ontario Canada .

Upon successful completion of the participants will be receive his or hers Certification. SFT Safety First Training Fork Lift Truck Operator Training meets OHSA requirements, training is based on the CSA Standard.

You Will Learn In class:

  1. Fork Lift Truck Safety Introduction  / OHSA - Bill C-45 / Bill 160 / Employer- Worker Responsibility
  2. Question and Answers  Open Forum
  3. Videos Fork Lift Truck Safety / Operation 
  4. Daily check list explained and reviewed
  5. Video Pedestrian Safety 
  6. Lift truck Battery / Propane Training
  7. Overheads / Review Support
  8. Written Test / Knowledge / Review / Corrected

Demonstration Skills

  1. Daily Vehicle Check List
  2. Fork Lift Truck Battery / Propane Cylinder Exchange Training
  3. Fork Lift Truck Operational Skills
  4. Fork Lift Truck Demonstration Skills Testing

Certification Presentation to Successful Qualified Participants

Safety First Training many safety training programs covers the safe operation of all types of diesel, dual fuel, electric and propane counterbalance fork lifts, reach trucks, order pickers. As well offer training on lifting devices, genie scissor lift platform trucks.

Get Trained Get a Job!

 Contact  Us   Today  T- 905 672 3600  Toll Free 1 855 672 3999    F- 905 672 3335.  

Hours  Monday -  Friday  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM    

Safety First Training  is located in Mississauga Ontario Canada , nearest intersection Dixie and Derry Road.

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